Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle

Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle is an NGO, founded in the year 2005. It was established with the view to inspire the student-youth community to inculcate and truthfully express healthy views/ opinions; to nurture and sensitize the new generation towards the ideological tradition of nation-building in consonance with the visions of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and the modern visionary architect of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru; and, to make creative contributions in the awakening of the consciousness of Indian youth towards Late Rajiv Gandhi’s visions of ‘Twenty First Century India’. For this, incessant efforts are being made to expand the organizational structure and the creative academic role of the Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle by establishing Units in various States and Districts of the country as also in the academic campuses of the Universities and Colleges.

The Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle strongly believes that all national and international problems can be resolved through Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of truth and non-violence. The RGSC is committed to follow the Gandhian method to strengthen the ideals and values of nationalism, secularism, democracy and egalitarian public-welfare state system, etc., emanating from our national movement for independence, and contained in the Indian Constitution. It strongly believes that Rajiv Gandhi Ji’s initiative to connect women and the vulnerable and deprived sections of the society directly with the government, needs to be furthered sincerely. In short, the RGSC is committed to ensure participation of all sections of the society in strengthening democracy, promoting nation’s pluralist and unified culture, propagating liberal values and ensuring inclusive development.

Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle sees its definite role in fulfilling Late Rajiv Gandhi Ji’s dream of '21st Century India', in which the youth is to play a very important role. Acknowledging the potential of the youth, which formed a large part of our country’s population, and believing in their prowess, Rajiv Gandhi Ji granted voting rights to all who had attained the age of 18 years and entrusted them with the responsibility to strengthen democracy in India. The Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle considers it to be its responsibility to make the youth conscious of their obligations in national life.

The RGSC believes that it has a significant role to play in this modern knowledge-based society. It is not a forum for political competition and social power struggle. Through its positive endeavours and pure creative activities, it aims to inspire and unite the youth towards realisation of the vision and ideals of social justice, secularism, inclusive development, social harmony and democratic values.

We hope and believe that, through the Rajiv Gandhi Study Circle, the teachers and students of colleges and universities will come together and work towards realisation of Late Rajiv Gandhi Ji’s vision of ‘Twenty First Century India’.