Aims & Objectives

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  • Create awareness among younger generation about Gandhian values and their relevance.
  • Participation of student community in the building of India in accordance with vision of Shri Rajiv Gandhi for 21st Century.
  • Developing secular social, and democratic thought based ideology enshrined in our constitution among student.
  • Generate feeling of pride and dedication towards the country.
  • Develop commitment towards importance of truth, non- violence, dignity of labour and social justice
  • Create awareness and impart knowledge on Indian culture and its noble heritage.
  • Publicity of knowledge about India‚Äôs culture, its glorious tradition and information about the role of freedom fighters, great personalities, writers, literary persons and journalists.
  • Strive for development of value based education for all round personality development.


  • For fulfillment of the above stated objectives, RGSC, will organise seminars, Workshops. conferences, and training camps.
  • Develop inter college and university programmes; institutional co- operation on organizing the activities of study circles and arrange exchange-visit of faculty members.
  • Select and train student and teacher for spreading Gandhian principal and values.
  • Institute the various awards for the teachers and student for academic achievements.
  • Organise discussion and seminars on economic and social issues.
  • Cooperation and joint programmes with NSS, NCC SCOUTS, GUIDS, NYKS, Youth Club and other NGOs in social welfare and youth development.
  • Organize programmes for developing International brotherhood.
  • Organize training camps in Environmental protection, Disaster management, Right to information , water conservation and management etc.
  • Provide training to create awareness on women empowerment and protection of human rights.
  • Strive to create International understanding for peace and harmony based on truth and non- violence.
  • Create awareness for betterment of Health & hygiene, population growth and emerging menace of HIV/AIDS.
  • Develop commitment to fight all forms of corruption, social evils, and exploitation.
  • Develop leadership and entrepreneur skills in sports, arts, literature, culture, socio- economic, scientific , and technological fields.
  • Career guidance and counselling to enhance employment opportunities and entrepreneur skills.
  • Based on constructive programmes, organize training camps for disable/ destitute persons.
  • Actives connected with welfare of student, youth dalits, tribals, minorities, backwards and economically weaker sections.


The vision of our school is to cater to all sections of society, irrespective of their pecuniary, societal or educational background. We believe that every child has the "Right to Education" with dignity and equal opportunity. Through our untiring efforts, we shall constantly endeavor to impart excellent schooling by providing an environment conducive to success.